• Improve Your Bottom Line

  • What Clients Are Saying

    "This is phenomenal! It takes burdens off your shoulders. It frees you. I have such a hard time relaxing and the fact that I can sit back calmly and relax is just amazing". ~ Jodi 

    "As a military family we are no strangers to stress and anxiety. I was grateful for the effect that the techniques Sandy shared were having on my life. However not until receiving a call letting me know that my husband had been in an accident on the explosives range did I learn how truly effective the techniques were especially in a moment of crisis. Unable to drive or think clearly I called Sandy who quickly and calmly walked me through the hand technique. It was as if she flipped a switch in my body. Instantly I was calm, able to drive to the hospital and deal with doctors/nurses to coordinate my husbands care. Today I use the techniques daily and am thrilled with how much less anxious and stressed I truly am. Thank you Sandy"! ~ Judy

    "My coach, Sandy Fowler, was a phenomenal teacher and coach to learn these techniques. Her calm personality, patience and excellent coaching explanations were key to understanding how to do the exercises, and to motivate me to continue. I highly recommend her to others, and can see these exercises benefiting anyone who has repetitive thoughts, anxieties, or PTSD symptoms". ~ Ann

  • Stress is a universal issue that every person has to face in their life. Today, employers are realizing the ultimate cost of stress and are critically analyzing stress management issues. 

    RebootU systems can improve your bottom line by helping your employees reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and PTSD while lessening their symptoms and reducing the effect they have on their lives.

    Consider the impact on:

    • Productivity
    • Accident Rates
    • Insurance Rates
    • Performance
    • Office environment
    • And More

    The RebootU Impact

    What it is:

    Our training is a combination of 6 proprietary techniques that bring relief to clients by:

    • Working with the brain rather than the mind.
    • Rapidly acting on the neurons and neurolgia.
    • Activating the brain to respond to the current moment rather than reacting to the past.

    This coaching/training: 

    • Is an intervention. It is not counseling, therapy or treatment.  
    • Does not require you to relive or share your stories/experiences.
    • Does not require disclosure.
    • Does not interfere with medication.
    • In no way negatively impacts your job, benefits or military status. (Pseudonym allowed)

    With RebootU your employees can:

    • Clear their own secrets.
    • Clear their own shame.
    • Clear their own anxiety.
    • Relieve their own pain.
    • Begin the journey back to being a better version of themselves.
    • Find immediate, long-term and severe symptom relief.

    Learning and using these techniques will help your employees function with less stress, less fear, less worry and with more integrity creating a healthy, productive and engaged workforce. 

    Note: These positive results are achieved without requiring the use of medication or drugs. Our 2016 PTSD Study has been reviewed by medical doctors as efficiently acting on the brain to eliminate symptoms of trauma, such as PTSD, and hyper-anxiety.

    These techniques can be used by your employees whenever they are needed.
    They are self administered. Results are immediate. Consistent use achieves long term results. 


    Options include: 

    • Individual coaching
    • Group coaching
    • Team Trainings
    • Train the trainer trainings

    Email Sandy for information and discuss your needs.