• Non-Profit Funding Opportunity

  • There are 3 endless problems that adults deal with:

    • Struggling with Weight
    • The Burden of Pain
    • Lack of Sleep

    RebootU offers online classes that help clients solve these problems in a way that sticks. Using 21st century science of neurokinetic techniques and the brain-body connection we help people hit reset and move forward to live a healthy life.

    We also believe in giving back so we donate $1 from each class to hurricane and wildfire relief efforts. We are offering you the opportunity to be the recipient of another $1 from each class. Simply apply to our affiliate program and use your unique link to share these amazing classes. Every class that is purchased with your link will funnel $1 back to your organization.

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    About The Classes

  • As a non-profit we understand your love-hate relationship with raising money. You need funds to serve, but seeking and securing sponsors/donations is a full time job. It doesn't have to be.

    What if we unlocked a winning formula that will not only make your job easier but create an income stream while providing a useful resource to your people? 

    It's simple:

    You share the opportunity to attend online classes that improve people's lives - dealing with 3 of the biggest issues adults struggle with today; weight, pain and sleep.

    Simply share it within your organization, to local businesses or places that support your non-profit, even family and friends knowing that anyone attending will be getting access to life changing programs and your organization receives $1 each and every time a $10 class purchased.

     Get started earning immediately with our simple
    non-profit fundraising system in 3 steps:

    1. Apply for the program for free (Click here and complete the application. We will contact you with more details after we review it.)
    2. Share the classes with your affiliate link
    3. Receive $1/class for every class purchased with your link.


    For more details contact Sandy Fowler HERE

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