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  • Get Certified in Brainsweep and help clients beat PTSD

    RebootU is licensed to coach and train BRAINSWEEP

    Brainsweep is built upon 6 proprietary strategies using a precise combination of Neurokinesis Intervention Techniques  that have been studied and clinically reviewed as efficiently acting on the brain. Our recent clinical study has shown that the unique combination of these techniques immediately and consistently achieved the needed positive results for regressing or limiting the impact of trauma; such as PTSD and hyper-anxiety. These positive results are achieved without requiring the use of medications or drugs.

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    Become a certified coach &/or trainer and support individuals,
    companies and organizations in getting relief with Brainsweep.

    BRAINSWEEP is a vital lifetime skill that clients can easily learn within minutes. Brainsweep does not require the client to tell you their story and go back into their pain, but rather allows the coach to share a precise combination of 6 intervention techniques that benefit clients in the following ways:

    • Suicide Prevention.
    • Immediate and long term symptom relief for PTSD, anxiety and stress.
    • Facilitate in the clearing of shame, anxiety and internal secrets.
    • Relationship resolution. 
    • And more.

      Note: These positive results are achieved without requiring the use of medications or drugs.

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    Become a coach in 4 simple steps:

    1. Ask Questions. (Schedule a time to speak with us via email HERE)
    2. Sign up to be a coach.
    3. Get BRAINSWEEP training (both in person and online)
    4. Earn your certification and begin coaching clients.

    Train the Trainer Opportunity: 

    Perhaps training is your thing. Great news! Brainsweep Systems is a growing company and the need for our services is growing at an accellerated rate. We are looking for trainers who can support our efforts in teaching individuals and potential coaches our techniques and leading them to success. If this is something you are interested in please email Sandy for more information.