• "BrainSweep is Phenomenal"

    "It takes burdens off your shoulders. It frees you. I have such a hard time relaxing and the fact that I can sit back calmly and relax is just amazing". ~ Jodi

    Real Results, Lasting Change

    “All levels of PTSD respond significantly from the first session onward. The worst cases can expect to achieve at least a 60% reversal of symptoms within a maximum of 20 sessions; over a maximum of 30 weeks.” ~ Ronald Waling, NMD. CTTP

    Cost to Business

    Stress costs companies somewhere between $200 and $300 billion each year. (Source: Encyclopedia of Business, 2nd ed.)

    PTSD is not a Mental Illness

    PTSD affects about 7.7 million American adults in a given year

  • Whether you are someone who is looking for ways to beat PTSD, anxiety or stress or an organization supporting people dealing these and the symptoms that disrupt their lives, Brainsweep Radio has just what you need. For the price of a single cup of coffee, you can listen for an entire month. Our global team has been specifically trained in Brainsweep to release you, your family and those you care about from PTSD, deaths by suicide, first responders syndrome and public tragedy traumas that affect us all. Every radio show is like getting a private session and you have access 24/7. Each subscription gives back to your community with 20% of your membership going to a charity you choose.


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  • Sandy Fowler is a wife, mom, and business owner whose passions are loving her family and teaching people to make powerful choices. She has spent eleven years teaching women and small business owners ways to leave stress behind and live a life filled with joy. When she encountered the Brainsweep system she tried it out and fell in love. The changes it has made in her own life and in those of her clients have touched her soul and made her heart sing. 

    “Over the years I’ve found many tools we can use to lessen the stress in our daily lives and to fill our days with the things that matter most. But the peace I’ve found in using the Brainsweep techniques is something that I’ve rarely felt. Whether it’s taking down the fear, stress, or anxiety of a really bad moment or being able to interact with my husband and children from a place free of guilt, stress, and anxiety, having these tools to help heal has been a gift and I’m honored to be able to share these with my clients.” ~ Sandy

  • My coach, Sandy Fowler, was a phenomenal teacher and coach to learn these techniques. Her calm personality, patience and excellent coaching explanations were key to understanding how to do the exercises, and to motivate me to continue. I highly recommend her to others, and can see these exercises benefiting anyone who has repetitive thoughts, anxieties, or PTSD symptoms.

    Ann Brainard

  • As a military family we are no strangers to stress and anxiety. I was grateful for the effect that the techniques Sandy shared were having on my life. However not until receiving a call letting me know that my husband had been in an accident on the explosives range did I learn how truly effective the techniques were especially in a moment of crisis. Unable to drive or think clearly I called Sandy who quickly and calmly walked me through the hand technique. It was as if she flipped a switch in my body. Instantly I was calm, able to drive to the hospital and deal with doctors/nurses to coordinate my husbands care. Today I use the Brainsweep techniques daily and am thrilled with how much less anxious and stressed I truly am. Thank you Sandy & Brainsweep!

    Judy Davis. Co-founder DASIUM

  • This is phenomenal! It takes burdens off your shoulders. It frees you. I have such a hard time relaxing and the fact that I can sit back calmly and relax is just amazing.


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